The financing fee for cryptocurrencies works a little different than the financing fee for all our other products. For all other products, you are charged a financing fee based on the use of your multiplier. So when you use a multiplier, you are charged an interest on the amount that we need to reserve for you to use the multiplier.

When trading cryptocurrencies, this is not the case. Here, the financing fee is not solely depending on the multiplier. Therefore, you will also be charged for these positions overnight even if you're not using the Multiplier. When you're trading cryptocurrencies, your long positions (arrow up) are charged based on the full value of your investment, including your invested amount. The reason for this is that it’s quite expensive to hold positions in cryptocurrencies in custody for a longer period of time. Unlike our other products, cryptocurrencies are traded on more expensive platforms and exchanges, and safekeeping these cryptocurrencies is a lot more costly.

The above also means that all short positions (arrow down) in cryptocurrencies are now not charged a financing fee anymore so even if you open a short position with a multiplier, you won’t be charged a financing fee.

For more information on what the prices for cryptocurrencies are, please refer to the price list on our website. Any questions, feel free to contact us on