If you check out the BUX X fee overview on our website, you will see that some products are priced differently; Italian Stocks & Cryptocurrences for example. 

For the Italian Stocks, the reason is quite straightforward: the Italian government is charging tax on all Italian Stocks. This tax is called the Italian Financial Transaction Tax (IFTT). Because of this, for every trade in an Italian Stock, our trading desk needs to pay a small fee. We of course still try to keep the transaction fees as low as possible, but because of this, the price for an Italian Stock is slightly higher compared to the other Stocks that we offer.

For Cryptocurrencies the reason is different: our trading desk is hedging the Cryptocurrency positions with real cryptocoins. These cryptocoins need to be kept in custody to make sure they are kept safe. This is completely different from other products that we offer. Cryptocoins need to be kept either in cold storage (long positions) or need to be hedged with other brokers (short positions). Either way, it costs money to keep them. This is separate from the borrowed money. Therefore, we need to charge a higher fee for this product category.

If you want to know more about how our transaction fees work, drop us an email at BUX X Support.