Sometimes you hold several positions at once and while some of them are meant for short-term trading, you might want to keep others for a longer period of time. To make it easy for you, we have created two separate folders (Trading and Investing) that will keep these two types of investments in separate portfolios. 

This way, your short-term trades will always be on top and you will find them much quicker.

How do I enable the Investing tab?

To enable the Investing tab in your Portfolio, simply click on your Profile screen in the app (human figure icon in the bottom-right of the screen), then select SETTINGS > POSITIONS. Check the Investing check-box and you should see a green tick. Now go back to your green screen (% ) > POSITIONS - you will now see the 'Investing' folder has appeared and you will be able to move long-term positions to this folder.

Please note: when you open a position, this will automatically be placed in your Trading Portfolio. To move it to your Investing folder, simply tap on the position, hold it, and drag it under the Tab 'Investing'.

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