You’ve probably noticed that for indices we use names that are different than the real ones. For example, the famous German DAX index is called Germany 40 and the AEX is called NL 25. That’s not because these indices are not real.

The “DAX” name, for example, is a trademark. In order to use this trademark, BUX needs to pay a substantial sum of money each year. In order to keep trading with BUX X affordable, we’ve decided to use different names so we don’t have to pay for the use of the trademark – keeping the cost of trading super low: it’s as simple as that!**

Below you can see the Official and BUX X names of the indices:

Germany 40
CAC 40
France 40
NL 25
Spain 35
FTSE 100
UK 100
Standard & Poors 500
US 500

US Tech 100

Dow Jones

Wall Street 30                        
Hang Seng   Hong Kong 50
NikkeiJapan 225
FTSE China 50     China A 50
Singapore MSCI Singapore

OMX Stockholm 30 Index

Euro Stoxx 50EU 50
FTSE SwitzerlandSwiss Index

** Sometimes there is a small difference between the price of an index at BUX X and the price of an index in the market. We link the price of an index to the "Future" of this index, which often has longer opening hours. If the underlying "Future" products are closed, then we look at related products in the market and adjust the price accordingly. This way, we can offer certain indices almost 24 hours a day.  The price of an index on BUX X is almost always between the bid and ask price of the market and is the same for all BUX clients. All the opening times are mentioned over here.

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