Price Alerts allow you to set a certain price limit for the product BEFORE you open a position.

For example, you want to trade Amazon, but the price is too high for you, so you decide to wait until the price drops a bit before opening your position. This is a common situation for which the Price Alert is a perfect tool. When Amazon hits your desired price level, you can trade it!

How do you set a Price Alert?

Tap on the four circles icon at the bottom bar on your screen and select a product which you’d like to set a Price Alert for. Tap ‘Details’ at the bottom of your screen and then tap the ‘Set Alert’ button. All you need to do then is type in the price level at which you want to be notified, and don’t forget to save it.

As soon as the price you’ve set is reached, you will receive a push message from BUX X. This way you can respond to price movements as soon as they happen and decide whether to take action. And if you’re still not sure, you can set another price alert afterwards.

Questions? Yell out at BUX X Support!