With BUX X you can set an Auto Close order to make sure that your position will be automatically closed at a certain value.

This way, you don't need to pay close attention to your positions every second of the day.

You can set or change the Auto Close for a certain position going to the % SCREEN > PORTFOLIO > POSITION DETAILS (just tap on the position in your PORTFOLIO to see its details and manage it). 

You can set both an upper limit (Take Profit order), or a lower limit (Stop Loss order). When value 'X' is hit, we will close your position automatically and the value of your trade will be automatically transferred to your Cash. 

Though most Auto Close orders are normally processed at the requested limit, it's important to remember that an Auto Close order is not always guaranteed to be executed at your pre-defined limit. To read more about this, please take a look at: Why is the lower limit of the Auto Close not always guaranteed?

Please note that it is not possible to set or change an Auto Close between Friday evening at 22:15 and Sunday evening 22:05 (GMT).

Questions left? Contact us via email at BUX X Support.