With BUX you can also trade in US Oil.


The product US Oil has one significant difference from the other products in the app though. This is because this product is a so-called “future” product. One key characteristic of a “future” product is that it expires after a certain period. This means that your position will be automatically closed by the end of the product duration.


To make this transparent we put the expiry date in the product name so that you can take this into account. The expiry time is always at 19:00h UK time (unless we are dealing with a daylight savings time difference in the US).

We always make sure that the future product of the subsequent month is available about one week before the previous month expires. This way, you can trade in US Oil on a continuous basis. Therefore, if you would like to continue trading US Oil, you can close your position in the previous month and open a new position in the “future” product for the next month.


We are working on a solution that will make sure that US Oil can be traded on an on-going basis, but this is currently not possible. Therefore, the “future” product is currently the only way to offer this product.  

If you have any further questions in regards to this, please feel free to contact us via email at BUX Support.