The current value of your trade is the amount that you initially invested which will have increased or decreased depending on the change in value of your products, with the impact of the Multiplier (see: What does the Multiplier option do?).

For example:

You bought a CFD for £100  without a Multiplier and you chose 'arrow UP' (meaning you decided to speculate on the price of the product going up). Subsequently, the value of the product you bought a CFD in increases by 5% - now the value of your trade is £105. However, if you had used a Multiplier of let's say x 3, the current value of your trade would now be £115 (5% x 3 = 15% of £100).

The current value of your trades impacts the real-time value of your account (see: What's the real-time value of my account?). Also, this is the amount for which you will be charged trading fees and financing fees (you can read more about our fees here).

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