If you choose to sign up using your Facebook account, you can potentially access the BUX app directly. If you get an error while trying to sign up to BUX X via Facebook, the two most common reasons are:

1) Your Facebook username or password is wrong or has changed:

Try logging into Facebook on your phone via the Facebook app. To make sure your username/password combination is correct, log off and back onto Facebook again. If this works, you should also be able to use your Facebook account to log into BUX X.

2) You haven’t allowed BUX X to use your Facebook account on your phone:

If your username/password combination is correct, you might need to reset (or switch “On”) the option that allows BUX to use the Facebook account on your phone. This can be done by going through the following steps:

- Go to “Settings” on your phone.

- Click on "Account" 

- Select "Connected Accounts"

- If the switch is already “On”, switch it “Off” and then “On” again to reset this option.

You should now be able to log in via your Facebook account.

If these suggestions still don’t solve the problem with Facebook signup, please feel free to contact us via email at BUX X Support.