Once you have upgraded to seriousBUX, you will notice 2 new features in the Cash tab: 'Deposit' and 'Withdraw'.

You can deposit and withdraw funds simply by going to your green % screen > CASH > DEPOSIT/WITHDRAW. Depending on your country of residence, you will have a different choice of payment methods. Once you have done a deposit, your card / bank details will be automatically linked to your account, which means that you can use those same details to withdraw again*. 

Can I deposit and withdraw money whenever I want?

Yes. However, while deposits with credit card will be instantly reflected in your BUX X account*, deposits via bankwire and withdrawals usually take up to 5 working days to be fully processed. 

Do I have to pay fees for depositing and withdrawing with BUX X?

No, there are no costs connected to depositing or withdrawing inside the EU. Keep in mind that if you deposit or withdraw outside Europe, you could be charged a transaction fee.

How much can I withdraw?

If you don't have any open positions, you can always withdraw your full account-value to your own bank account. If you still have some open positions, you can only withdraw your available cash 'For Withdrawal'. Your invested amount and the ring fenced amount cannot be withdrawn. You can find your available cash 'For Withdrawal' in your Portfolio overview under the tab "Cash". 


Say, you have deposited £100 of which £90 is invested into Stocks. We reserve £5 for the Ring Fenced amount. Your Available Cash is therefore (100-90-5=) £5. Because you still have open positions, you can only withdraw a minimum amount of £10. If you now close all your positions, your available 'Cash for Withdrawal' will be £100. The Ring Fenced amount won't be applicable anymore when you don't have any open trades.

Is there a minimum amount to deposit?

Yes, this is £50. The minimum trade amount, however, is £10.

Where do I see my transactions in the app?

To see your past transactions, go to your green % screen > CASH > HISTORY > OTHER. Pending transactions will show directly under HISTORY, at the bottom of the screen. 

*Only bank wire deposits need 2 - 5 working days to be processed, meaning that you will have to wait until the funds have reached your BUX X account in order to withdraw them again.

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