Yes, we want to make sure you’re completely happy with the way BUX X works before you use real money. funBUX allows you to use “funny-money” when using BUX X for the first time. The currency has no real-world value and cannot be exchanged into any real money currency. Although it’s not real, it will behave exactly the same as real money when you make trades. Therefore, you can use funBUX to gain some experience in trading and use all the other BUX X features as well. 


  • Download the app and answer the question about your trading experience with YES or NO
  • Choose a username
  • Done!
  • You can also link an email address at this point, but this is really up to you and you can always add it later*.
  • A little 'tour' will guide you through the main features of BUX X so that you have a base to start from for your first trades.
  • Tips: make friends right from the start, this way you will be invited to Groups and Battles that will make learning about trading real fun, and make sure you follow a list of Channels updated daily by some of our most experienced users.
  • You are all set up and ready to get the most out of BUX X!

When you think you are ready to start trading with real money, you can convert your funBUX account to a seriousBUX account (see: CFD trading with real money: how do I do that?).

If you have any further questions in regards to this, reach out to us.