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Fresssssssh Products!

Yes! We’ve added extra products to our app… All for your trading pleasure. 

So, what are we serving up? Well, according to your WhatsApp messages, emails, phone calls, tweets, etc. it’s the British shares you’ve been craving!

Let’s welcome the following shares, all of which are listed under FTSE100 index – the index for 100 biggest companies in the UK:

British American Tobacco – These smokey joes are based in the UK but make up over 20% of the cigarette market. They deal in cigars, tobacco and rolling papers too.

Lloyd’s bank – One of the “Big Four” British banks, known for its black horse symbol. Yeeehaw, horsey!

Standard Life – A specialist in long-term investment savings: pensions, insurance, retirement, etc. It has 1.5 million shareholders in more than 50 countries.

Since we’re big in Holland, we’ve added some companies which are listed on the Dutch Stock Exchange too: Aalberts, NN Group, Koninklijke Vopak and Reed Elsevier (NL).

Still hungry for more? How about some fresh American shares? We’ve added Schwab, E*Trade, Liberty Global, AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway, Oracle, Xerox, IBM and Garmin. 

AT&T – The largest provider in the US, almost every American (95%) knows the brand. And in 2007 it became friendly with Apple as AT&T was initially the SOLE provider for iPhone. That was a smart move, to put it mildly.

Berkshire Hathaway – The best ‘predictors’ club, who know a lot about investing, and with Warren Buffet as CEO. The company manages a mishmash of businesses, and it has a minority stake in Coca Cola and American Express.

Oracle – A multinational computer technology business, specialising in their own brand of database systems. They make all that stuff which gets abbreviated because they’re far too geeky to spell out in full.

Xerox – Makes fax machines, projectors, printers and most famously copiers… So office workers can make a load of photocopies of their arse cheeks (you always need spares, just in case). It’s a US firm and its been going since 1906!

That’s it for now. Expect some other rockin’ stocks soon! Crack on, BUXsters and let’s rock the world of finance. *does eighties guitar solo*

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