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The Activity Feed..

A feed is one of the basic features on all social media platforms. We have a news feed on Facebook, a photo feed on Instagram, twitter feed on Twitter, etc. Within the BUX app we also have a feed…and we call it the Activity Feed. Instead of friends’ statuses, food photos and a massive host of re-tweets you see the real time trading activity of all BUXsters and the other things they’re up to.

The Activity Feed is the first screen that appears when you open the BUX app; the news articles are on the top (with a photo plus a headline that you can tap on) and the feed is below. From any other screen in the app you can access the Activity Feed screen by tapping the icon on the bottom left bar that looks like a notepad. You can see the trades of all of the BUX users, but if you like, you can also choose to see “Friends Only”.

The Activity Feed consists of three different colours; the trades are blue, the Battles are red and the BUXsters who have started trading with SeriousBUX (real money) are seen in purple.

The Blue trades give you an impression of what BUXsters are doing at a given moment. As you might already know, an old stock market saying goes: ‘The Trend is Your Friend’. Prices of share and indices are influenced by the demand of the masses…so go along with what the masses are doing (read: what is happening in the blue bars in the activity feed ), and it might work out fine for you ;-) .

By tapping on the blue coloured trade activity that you see in the feed, you will be directed to the page where you can trade on the given product too, if you want. You can also get to know more about the person who placed a trade by tapping on their profile picture. You will be redirected to their profile where you can see their BUX Stats in full. That’s also a handy way to add them to your BUX Friends list! (note that only people who have actively chosen to be visible are in fact visible here).

Feel like joining a Battle? If you see a red notification in the Activity Feed, simply tap it. You will join this battle automatically.

Feel like becoming a SeriousBUX trader and start trading with real money? Tap on the purple notification in your Activity Feed and you’ll get to the identification screen. The moment you’ve converted to seriousBUX you’ll get a purple shield next to your profile picture too. How cool’s that ;-)

The Activity Feed is updated every second, so be sure not to miss anything important! That’s our App Science for today – expect another one coming Thursday evening. Happy Trading!

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