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TODAY: Fresh stocks and currencies in our app!

Yes! We’ve added some shares and additional currencies to our app, all for your trading pleasure. Read on! 

When you open the blue market screen (indeed: the four dots in the menu at the bottom), you‘ll initially see some stocks, indices, currencies and commodities that we’ve selected ourselves, because these are the most recognizable products. BUX has set out to make playing the markets accessible for everybody, and everybody knows what ‘Marks & Spencer’ is, right?

But we’d like to cater to the more experienced trader as well. After all, when you’ve been using BUX for a while, you are becoming more experienced at what we’d like to call the best game on earth.

That’s why we recently introduced the ‘all’ button at the top of the blue market screen. Behind it you’ll encounter loads of other stocks and some other commodities, indices and currencies.

It’s there where we’ve now added some fresh products. Since we’re big in Holland, we’ve added some companies listed on the Dutch Stock Exchange for now (expect some fresh US stocks coming soon). But we’ve also added the US Dollar / Japanese Yen currency (a.k.a. ‘The Ninja’) and the US Dollar / Canadian Dollar currency (a.k.a. the ‘Loonie’ – a symbol of luck in Canada).

The new stocks for your trading pleasure are:

Akzo Nobel – an international producer of decorative paints with a long history dating back to 17th century. Yes, people used to paint horse carts with this companies paint.

Altice – operates cable, mobile and Internet companies all over Europe and is owned by Patrick Drahi, the wealthiest Israeli in the world. Are you interested in Orange mobile? Then this stock is for you.

Boskalis – A Dutch dredge company that owns one of the world’s largest dredges called “Queen of the Netherlands”. Yep, they’re very patriotic guys deepening the shipping channels from Australia to Abu Dhabi.

DSM – they used to be the biggest Dutch coalmining company. But all the polluting coalmines in the Netherlands were closed 40 years ago and thus DSM was transformed into a huge chemical producer.

Unibail – their business is commercial property investments. The company owns 73 shopping centres across Europe.

Wolters Kluwer – The Dutch company Wolters Kluwer used to publish school books, but it has now turned into an ‘information services company’.

Gemalto – core business: digital security. Yes, very interesting business in current times! And it’s the world’s largest manufacturer of SIM cards. Microsoft employees use Gemalto technology embedded in their corporate badge to have access to Microsoft’s own information systems, for example.

Delta Lloyd – the sixth-largest insurer in the Netherlands.

That’s it for now. Expect some US stocks coming soon! Crack on, BUXsters.

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