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New shares and currency!

This morning we’ve had a lot of shares and additional currency added to our app, especially for your trading pleasure!

Until now, our offer of shares has been deliberately limited. We want to make the app accessible and understandable for everyone, so an overload of shares in companies you’ve never heard of, and indices from obscure countries could have made it all a bit too complicated – we thought.

But the more experienced traders that we have often request more “products” (as it is called). And, well, we are now able to offer many more products while maintaining simplicity.

When you open the blue screen market (the four circles in the menu at the bottom), you ‘ll initially see a selection of stocks, indices, currencies and commodities that we’ve made for you. Buuuuut if

you look closely, you can now see a semi-circle in the middle called ‘All’ and guess what happens when you tap it. That’s right, you will enter the area with much more stocks, indices and currencies.

Here you can find the seductive BE 20 (the Belgian index), or the intriguing Alcoa (The Aluminum Company of America ). Of course, for old times sake, you can invest in BASF (for anyone under twenty it’s a German company that used to make the best tapes for your Walkman). Currently, they are reported to be into chemical stuff. So if you believe that the Western world’s reluctance to get older (or look older, more to the point) might result in success for the pharmaceutical industry you can choose to take an interest in Astrazeneca (sounds cool), or Bayer (sounds decent) for example.

What is still worth mentioning :

The stocks, the indices or whatever you like can be added to your Favorites, and that way you can create your personally curated marketplace. Really easy!

Click on the share, or whatever, then tap the bottom tab ‘Details’ and then simply tap the white ‘Favorite’ button.

Happy trading BUXsters…now in even more stocks, indices and currencies!

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